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BS EN 13234:2006

BS EN 13234:2006

Advanced technical ceramics. Mechanical properties of ceramic composites at ambient temperature. Evaluation of the resistance to crack propagation by notch sensitivity testing

2006-12-29 /Under Review
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EN 13234:2006

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Reemplaza a: DD ENV 13234:2000

This European Standard describes a method for the classification of ceramic matrix composite (CMC) materials with respect to their sensitivity to crack propagation using tensile tests on notched specimens with different notch depths. Two classes of ceramic matrix composite materials can be distinguished: materials whose strength is sensitive to the presence of notches and materials whose strength is not affected. For sensitive materials, this European Standard defines a method for determining equivalent fracture toughness. The parameter, Keq, is defined as the fracture toughness of a homogeneous material which presents the same sensitivity to crack propagation as the ceramic matrix composite material which is being considered. The definition of the Keq parameter offers the possibility to compare ceramic matrix composite materials with other materials with respect to sensitivity to crack propagation. For notch insensitive materials, the concept of Keq does not apply. This European Standard applies to all ceramic matrix composites with a continuous fibre reinforcement, unidirectional (1 D), bidirectional (2 D), and tridirectional (x D, where 2 < x ? 3), loaded along one principal axis of reinforcement.
Ambient temperature, Plane strain fracture toughness tests, Mathematical calculations, Mechanical properties of materials, Composite materials, Fracture toughness, Tensile testing, Special ceramics, Cracking, Test specimens, Sensitivity, Ceramics, Tensile strength
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