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BS EN 843-5:2006

BS EN 843-5:2006

Advanced technical ceramics. Mechanical properties of monolithic ceramics at room temperature. Statistical analysis

2007-01-31 /Confirmed
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EN 843-5:2006

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Reemplaza a: DD ENV 843-5:1997

This part of EN 843 specifies a method for statistical analysis of ceramic strength data in terms of a two-parameter Weibull distribution using a maximum likelihood estimation technique. It assumes that the data set has been obtained from a series of tests under nominally identical conditions. NOTE 1 In principle, Weibull analysis is considered to be strictly valid for the case of linear elastic fracture behaviour to the point of failure, i.e. for a perfectly brittle material, and under conditions in which strength limiting flaws do not interact and in which there is only a single strength-limiting flaw population. If subcritical crack growth or creep deformation preceding fracture occurs, Weibull analysis can still be applied if the results fit a Weibull distribution, but numerical parameters may change depending on the magnitude of these effects. Since it is impossible to be certain of the degree to which subcritical crack growth or creep deformation has occurred, this European Standard permits the analysis of the general situation where crack growth or creep may have occurred, provided that it is recognized that the parameters derived from the analysis may not be the same as those derived from data with no subcritical crack growth or creep. NOTE 2 This European Standard employs the same calculation procedures as method A of ISO 20501:2003, but does not provide a method for dealing with censored data (method B of ISO 20501).
Statistical distribution, Mechanical testing, Computer programs, FORTRAN, Ceramics, Programming languages, Special ceramics, Monolithic materials, PASCAL, BASIC, Graphic representation, Statistical methods of analysis
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