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BS EN ISO 6847:2020

BS EN ISO 6847:2020

Welding consumables. Deposition of a weld metal pad for chemical analysis

2020-09-22 /Definitive
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ENISO 6847

ISO 6847

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Reemplaza a: BS EN ISO 6847:2013


This document specifies the procedure to be used for deposition of a weld metal pad for chemical analysis.

This document applies to deposition of a weld metal pad by use of covered electrodes, wire electrodes for gas shielded metal arc welding, tubular cored electrodes for gas shielded metal arc welding and for non-gas shielded metal arc welding, solid rods and tubular cored rods for gas tungsten arc welding, and wire-flux and strip-flux combinations for submerged arc welding or electroslag welding and cladding.

This document is applicable to welding consumables for non-alloy and fine grain steels, high strength steels, creep-resisting steels, stainless and heat-resisting steels, nickel and nickel alloys, and copper and copper alloys.

Test specimens, Welding equipment, Filler metal, Welding electrodes, Arc-welding equipment, Consumable electrodes, Chemical analysis and testing, Specimen preparation
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