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ASTM C125-16

ASTM C125-16

Standard Terminology Relating to Concrete and Concrete Aggregates

2018-02-13 /Historical
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1.1 This standard is a compilation of definitions of terms as they are used in standards under the jurisdiction of Committee C09.

1.2 Other terminology under the jurisdiction of Committee C09 is included in two specialized standards. Terms relating to constituents of concrete aggregates are defined in Descriptive Nomenclature C294. Terms relating to constituents of aggregates for radiation-shielding concrete are defined in Descriptive Nomenclature C638.

1.3 Related terminology for hydraulic cement is included in Terminology C219. Additionally, the American Concrete Institute (ACI) has a standard terminology for the concrete industry.2 In the event of conflict between definitions in Terminology C125 and definitions in the ACI standard terminology or in Terminology C219, definitions in Terminology C125 shall govern for Committee C09 standards.

1.4 When a term is used in an ASTM standard for which Committee C09 is responsible, it is included herein only if used in more than one Committee C09 standard.

Note 1: The subcommittee responsible for this standard will review definitions on a five-year basis to determine if the definition is still appropriate as stated. Revisions will be made when determined necessary. The year shown in parentheses at the end of a definition indicates the year the definition or revision to the definition was approved. A letter R and a year indicate when the definition was reviewed. No date indicates the term has not yet been reviewed.

aggregates; concrete; definitions; terminology;
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