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ASTM A960/A960M-16a

ASTM A960/A960M-16a

Standard Specification for Common Requirements for Wrought Steel Piping Fittings

2019-03-13 /Historical
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This specification covers the common requirements that shall apply to wrought steel piping fittings. The material shall consist of forgings, bars, plates, and seamless or welded tubular products. Ferritic steels shall be fully killed. Hollow cylindrically shaped parts up to and including NPS 4 may be machined from bar or seamless tubular material. Elbows, return bends, tees, and header tees shall not be machined directly from bar stock. The following procedures shall be done for heat treatment: full annealing, solution annealing, isothermal annealing, normalizing, tempering and post-weld heat treatment, stress relieving, and quench and temper. Chemical analysis, heat analysis, and product analysis shall also be done. The chemical requirements shall conform to the required compositions of carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, columbium, titanium, aluminum, lead, and copper. The following tests shall be done for the mechanical requirements: tension, hardness, impact, and hydrostatic tests.


1.1 This specification covers a group of common requirements that shall apply to wrought steel piping fittings covered in any of the following individual product specifications or any other ASTM specification that invokes this specification or portions thereof:

Title of Specification


Specification for Piping Fittings of Wrought
  Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel for Moderate and
  Elevated Temperatures


Specification for Wrought Austenitic Stainless
  Steel Piping Fittings


Specification for Piping Fittings of Wrought Carbon
  Steel and Alloy Steel for Low-Temperature Service


Specification for Butt-Welding, Wrought-Carbon
  Steel, Piping Fittings with Improved Notch Toughness


Specification for As-Welded Wrought Austenitic
  Stainless Steel Fittings for General Corrosive
  Service at Low and Moderate Temperatures


Specification for Wrought Ferritic, Ferritic/Austenitic,
  and Martensitic Stainless Steel Piping Fittings


Specification for Heat-Treated Carbon Steel
  Fittings for Low-Temperature and Corrosive Service


Specification for Wrought High-Strength
  Low-Alloy Steel Butt-Welded Fittings


1.2 In case of conflict between a requirement of the individual product specification and a requirement of this general requirement specification, the requirements of the individual product specification shall prevail over those of this specification.

1.3 By mutual agreement between the purchaser and the supplier, additional requirements may be specified (See 4.1.8). The acceptance of any such additional requirements shall be dependent on negotiations with the supplier and must be included in the order as agreed upon by the purchaser and supplier.

1.4 The values stated in either SI units or inch-pound units are to be regarded separately as standard. Within the text and the tables, the SI units are shown in brackets. The values stated in each system may not be exact equivalents; therefore each system shall be used independently of the other. Combining values from the two systems may result in non-conformance with the specification. The inch-pound units shall apply unless the “M” designation [SI] of the product specification is specified in the order.

austenitic stainless steel; corrosive service applications; ferritic/austenitic stainless steel; ferritic stainless steel; high strength low alloy steel; martensitic stainless steel; piping applications; pressure containing parts; pressure vessel service; stainless steel fittings; temperature service applications-elevated; temperature service applications-low; temperature service applications-moderate ;
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