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ASTM B601-16

ASTM B601-16

Standard Classification for Temper Designations for Copper and Copper Alloys—Wrought and Cast

2018-03-27 /Historical
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Significance and Use:

4.1 Significance—This classification establishes an alphanumeric code of the tempers of copper and copper alloy products.

4.2 Use—An alphanumeric code establishes a system by which product tempers in specifications and published data are designated.

4.2.1 The letters in the code identify the type of process used to produce the product temper. For example, “H” indicates a temper resulting from cold working.

Note 1: These letters are frequently the same as those used in temper systems of other metal products.

Note 2: Undefined letters, used in prior temper systems and included in this system for reference, are defined in Appendix X1.


1.1 This classification establishes temper designations for copper and copper alloys—wrought and cast. The temper designations are classified by the process or processes used in manufacturing the product involved and its resulting properties. It is not a specification of copper and copper alloys.

1.2 The property requirements for the tempers are given in the applicable product specification.

copper and copper alloys; temper codes; temper designation; temper names;
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