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ASTM D748-14

ASTM D748-14

Standard Specification for Natural Block Mica and Mica Films Suitable for Use in Fixed Mica-Dielectric Capacitors

2018-03-19 /Historical
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This specification covers the electrical, visual, and physical properties of natural blocks and films made from mica that are suitable for use in fixed mica-dielectric capacitors. The materials under this specification are of three forms and four classes. Samples should be taken and tested according to the test methods prescribed here. All samples should adhere to the specified values of conducting path, Q value, dielectric constant, weight loss on heating, thickness uniformity, temperature coefficient of capacitance and retrace, and amount of air inclusions, waves, cracks, tears, pin holes, stones, buckles, and ridges.

Significance and Use:

4.1 The properties included in this specification are those required to identify the types of natural block mica and mica films (cut and uncut) suitable for use in the manufacture of fixed mica-dielectric capacitors. It is possible that other requirements will be necessary to identify particular characteristics. These will be added to the specification as their inclusion becomes generally desirable, and the necessary test data and methods become available. It is possible that natural block mica and mica films that do not conform to the requirements of this specification for capacitor use are capable of meeting the requirements for other critical electrical insulation purposes.

4.2 The system of classifying electrical quality of natural block and mica films (cut and uncut) covered by this specification is based on a combination of electrical and physical properties, and visual qualities specified herein, which the mica must possess. This system differs radically from past practices and previous concepts of mica quality for capacitor use. The electrical classification system does not discriminate against the presence of spots and stains in even first quality electrically selected mica, provided the mica conforms to specific and physical requirements. Appreciable amounts of air inclusions and waviness also are permitted in all electrical quality classes, provided the mica meets specific electrical and physical requirements. Mica meeting these requirements is acceptable without regard to color or origin. However, mica meeting these electrical and physical requirements but having lower visual quality than that meeting the requirements for the visual quality classification is not considered generally as desirable.

4.3 In capacitor fabrication, one or more pieces of cut film or block mica having lower than required electrical and physical properties will possibly prevent meeting the end requirements of the capacitor. It is therefore required that each piece of block (cut) or film (cut or uncut), or both, be tested for the electrical requirements and inspected for the visual requirements listed in this specification.


1.1 This specification covers natural block mica2 and mica films (cut and uncut) suitable for use in the manufacture of fixed mica-dielectric capacitors, based on electrical, visual, and physical properties as determined by tests specified herein.

1.2 The values stated in inch-pound units are to be regarded as standard.

block mica; capacitor; classes; dielectric strength; electrical conductivity; form; grades; mica; mica films; Q value; visual quality; weight loss;
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