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ASTM B888/B888M-13

ASTM B888/B888M-13

Standard Specification for Copper Alloy Strip for Use in Manufacture of Electrical Connectors or Spring Contacts

2017-04-20 /Historical
Superseeded by:

1.1 This specification establishes the requirements for copper alloy strip for use in the manufacture of electrical connectors or spring contacts produced from one of the following Copper Alloy UNS Nos.2: C14530, C15100, C15500, C17000, C17200, C17410, C17450, C17460, C17500, C17510, C19002, C19010, C19015, C19025, C19210, C19400, C19500, C19700, C23000, C26000, C40810, C40850, C40860, C42200, C42500, C42520, C42600, C50580, C50780, C51000, C51080, C51100, C51180, C51980, C52100, C52180, C52480, C63800, C64725, C65400, C68800, C70250, C70260, C70265, C70310, C75200, and C76200.

1.2 The requirements for the other copper alloys such as copper-nickel-tin spinodal, UNS C72650, C72700, and C72900, shall be as prescribed in the current edition of Specification B740.

1.3 The values stated in either SI units or inch-pound units are to be regarded separately as standard. The values stated in each system may not be exact equivalents; therefore, each system shall be used independently of the other. Combining values from the two systems may result in non-conformance with the standard.

coefficient of thermal expansion; density; electrical conductivity; electrical connectors; electrical resistivity; elongation; modulus of elasticity; spring contacts; thermal conductivity; yield strength; UNS No. C14530; UNS No. C15100; UNS No. C15500; UNS No. C17000; UNS No. C17200; UNS No. C17410; UNS No. C17450; UNS No. C17460; UNS No. C17500; UNS No. C17510; UNS No. C19002; UNS No. C19010; UNS No. C19015; UNS No. C19025; UNS No. C19210; UNS No. C19400; UNS No. C19500; UNS No. C19700; UNS No. C23000; UNS No. C26000; UNS No. C40810; UNS No. C40850; UNS No. C40860; UNS No. C42200; UNS No. C42500; UNS No. C42520; UNS No. C42600; UNS No. C50580; UNS No. C50780; UNS No. C51000; UNS No. C51080; UNS No. C51100; UNS No. C51180; UNS No. C51980; UNS No. C52100; UNS No. C52180; UNS No. C52480; UNS No. C63800; UNS No. C64725; UNS No. C65400; UNS No. C68800; UNS No. C70250; UNS No. C70260; UNS No. C70265; UNS No. C70310; UNS No. C72650; UNS No. C72700; UNS No. C72900; UNS No. C75200; UNS No. C76200
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