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ASTM D1909-04(2012)

ASTM D1909-04(2012)

Standard Table of Commercial Moisture Regains for Textile Fibers

2013-10-16 /Historical
Significance and Use:

The value listed for the commercial moisture regain of a specific fiber type is not an experimentally determined quantity but a purely arbitrary value arrived at for commercial purposes by interested parties. The actual moisture regain values of textile materials, when in moisture equilibrium with the standard atmosphere for testing, bear no consistent relation to the commercial moisture regain values listed herein. Equilibrium moisture regain values depend upon the previous history of the material.


1.1 This table lists the commercial moisture regains commonly used for a number of textile fibers. Such moisture regain values are intended primarily for determining the commercial weight of a specific fiber when the fiber is bought or sold on this basis. These regain values also are used in calculating the linear density of yarn in procedures employing such factors and in the quantitative analysis of fiber blends.

moisture regain; textile fiber; Textile fibers; Commercial moisture regain; Man-made textile fibers; Moisture analysis--textile fabrics/fibers
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