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ASTM E1142-11b

ASTM E1142-11b

Standard Terminology Relating to Thermophysical Properties

2012-12-26 /Historical
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1.1 This is a compilation of terms and corresponding definitions commonly used in the study of thermophysical properties. Terms that are generally understood or defined adequately in other readily available sources are either not included or their sources identified.

1.2 A definition is a single sentence with additional information included in a Discussion. It is reviewed every five years, and the year of the last review or revision is appended.

1.3 Definitions identical to those published by another standards organization or ASTM Committee are identified with the abbreviation of the name of the organization or the identifying document and ASTM Committee.

1.4 Definitions of terms specific to a particular field (such as dynamic mechanical measurements) are identified with an italicized introductory phrase.

Glass transition; Heating tests--chemicals/materials; Iridium; Isothermal conditions/testing; Kelvin (K); Liquidus temperature; Magnetic properties; Magnetic testing; Modulus; Phase diagrams; Pressure testing; Radiographic examination; Radiographic source; Shear testing; Solidus; Storage modulus; Strain testing; Temperature tests--chemicals; Terminology--laboratory applications; Celsius; Coefficient of linear thermal expansion; Congruent phases; Constitutional diagram; Critical curve; Crystallinity; Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA); Energy dissipation; Equilibrium; Fahrenheit; Focal size; Thermal analysis (TA); Thermal resistance/resistivity; Thermal transmission properties; Thermophysical properties; Vapor phase analysis/processing; Viscosity
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