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ASTM D2652-11

ASTM D2652-11

Standard Terminology Relating to Activated Carbon

2020-01-07 /Historical
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Significance and Use:

This terminology ensures that terms peculiar to activated carbon are adequately defined so that other standards in which such terms are used can be understood and interpreted properly.

This terminology is useful to those who are not conversant with the terms related to activated carbon. However, it is also a ready reference for those directly associated with activated carbon to resolve differences and ensure commonality of usage, particularly in the preparation of ASTM standards.

Although this terminology is intended to promote uniformity in the usage of terms related to activated carbon, it can never be complete because new terms are constantly arising. The existence of this terminology does not preclude the use or misuse of any term in another context.


1.1 This terminology covers terms particularly related to activated carbon and encompasses finished products, applications, and testing procedures.

1.2 When any of the definitions in this terminology are quoted or published out of context, editorially insert the limiting phrase in activated carbon after the dash following the term to properly limit the field of application of the term and definition.

activated carbon
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