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ASTM B283/B283M-11a

ASTM B283/B283M-11a

Standard Specification for Copper and Copper-Alloy Die Forgings (Hot-Pressed)

2012-05-23 /Historical
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This specification establishes the requirements for copper and copper die forgings produced by hot pressing method. The forgings included here are designated with the following Copper or Copper Alloy UNS Nos.: C11000 (copper), C14500 (copper-tellurium alloy), C14700 (copper-sulfur alloy), C36500 (leaded Muntz metal), C37000 (free-cutting Muntz metal), C37700 (forging brass), C46400 (naval brass), C48200 (medium leaded naval brass), C48500 (leaded naval brass), C61900 (aluminum bronze), C62300 (9% aluminum bronze), C63000 and C63200 (aluminum-nickel bronze), C64200 (aluminum-silicon bronze), C64210 (6.7% aluminum-silicon bronze), C65500 (high-silicon bronze), C67500 (manganese bronze), C67600, C69300 (copper-zinc-silicon alloy), C70620 (90% copper-10% nickel alloy), C71520 (70% copper-30% nickel alloy), and C77400 (45% nickel-10% silver alloy). The materials for manufacture shall be rods, billets, or blanks of such purity and soundness as to be suitable for processing by hot pressing. Products shall be tested to examine their conformance to mechanical (tensile and yield strengths, and elongation), dimensional, and chemical composition requirements.


1.1 This specification establishes the requirements for copper and copper alloy die forgings produced by the hot pressing method. The following copper and copper alloys are included:

copper and copper alloy die forgings (hot pressed); die forgings (hot pressed); UNS No. C11000; UNS No. C14500; UNS No. C14700; UNS No. C27450; UNS No. C36500; UNS No. C37000; UNS No. C37700; UNS No. C46400; UNS No. C48200; UNS No. C48500; UNS No. C49255; UNS No. C49260; UNS No. C49300; UNS No. C49340; UNS No. C49350; UNS No. C61900; UNS No. C62300; UNS No. C63000; UNS No. C63200; UNS No. C64200; UNS No. C64210; UNS No. C65500; UNS No. C67500; UNS No. C67600; UNS No. C69300; UNS No. C70620; UNS No. C71520; UNS No. C77400; Aluminum-silicon bronze--specifications; Brass forgings; Bronze--forgings; Copper alloy forgings--specifications; Die forgings--specifications; Hot forging; Muntz metal (leaded); Silicon bronze--specifications; Aluminum bronze castings; Aluminum bronzes--specifications; UNS C27450; UNS C49255; UNS C69300; UNS C11000 (electrolytic tough pitch coper (ETP)); UNS C14500 (phosphorus deoxidized copper, tellurium bearing); UNS C14700 (sulfur-bearing copper); UNS C36500 (leaded Muntz metal, uninhibited); UNS C37700 (forging brass); UNS C46400 (naval brass, uninhibited); UNS C48200 (naval brass, medium leaded); UNS C48500 (naval brass, high leaded); UNS C61900 (aluminum bronze); UNS C62300 (aluminum bronze); UNS C63000 (aluminum bronze); UNS C63200 (aluminum bronze); UNS C64200 (aluminum bronze); UNS C64210 (aluminum-silicon bronze); UNS C65500 (high silicon bronze A); UNS C67500 (manganese bronze A); UNS C67600 (leaded manganese bronze); UNS C70620 (90/10 Cu-Ni welding rod composition); UNS C71520 (70/30 copper-nickel (welding rod composition)); UNS C77400 (nickel silver)
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