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ASTM D6618-10a

ASTM D6618-10a

Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Engine Oils in Diesel Four-Stroke Cycle Supercharged 1M-PC Single Cylinder Oil Test Engine

2014-06-16 /Historical
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The test method is designed to relate to high-speed, supercharged diesel engine operation and, in particular, to the deposit control characteristics and antiwear properties of diesel crankcase lubricating oils.

The test method is useful for the evaluation of diesel engine oil quality and crankcase oil specification acceptance. This test method, along with others, defines the minimum performance level of the API categories CF and CF-2 (detailed information about passing limits for these categories is included in Specification D4485). It is also used in MIL-PRF-2104.

The results are significant only when all details of the procedure are followed. The basic engine used in this test method has a precombustion chamber (as compared to direct injection) and is most useful in predicting performance of engines similarly equipped. This factor should be considered when extrapolating test results. It has been found useful in predicting results with high sulfur fuels (that is, greater than 0.5 wt %) and with certain preemission controlled engines. It has also been found useful when correlated with deposit control in two-stroke cycle diesel engines.


1.1 This test method covers a four-stroke cycle diesel engine test procedure for evaluating engine oils for certain high-temperature performance characteristics, particularly ring sticking, ring and cylinder wear, and accumulation of piston deposits. Such oils include both single viscosity SAE grade and multiviscosity SAE grade oils used in diesel engines. It is commonly known as the 1M-PC test (PC for Pre-Chamber) and is used in several API oil categories, notably the CF and CF-2 and the military category described in MIL-PRF-2104 (see Note 1).

Note 1—Companion test methods used to evaluate other engine oil performance characteristics for API oil categories CF and CF-2 are discussed in SAE J304. The companion tests used by the military can be found in MIL-PRF-2104.

1M-PC; diesel engines; heavy-duty performance; ring belt deposits; single cylinder test; Crankcase oils; Diesel lubricating oils; Four-stroke diesel engine; Heavy-duty engines; High-temperature service applications--petroleum products; IM-PC engine; Performance--petroleum products/applications; Ring belt deposits; Single-cylinder diesel engine; Supercharged diesel engine performance
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