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ASTM E2083-05(2010)

ASTM E2083-05(2010)

Standard Classification for Building Construction Field Requirements, and Office Overhead Profit

2016-05-04 /Historical
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Significance and Use:

4.1 This classification defines an integral part of any construction estimate and cost record. It classifies the non-permanent portion of construction activity that is essential to allow physical implementation of the required work to take place.

4.2 Used in conjunction with UNIFORMAT II, this classification provides for consistent and complete estimating of building construction work, especially during the design phase. The same considerations of consistent use and commonality to all work have been applied here.

4.3 This classification is sufficiently generic to allow its use in estimating all forms of construction work and through all stages of planning, design, use, and disposal. Additionally, it is appropriate for use in both elemental estimates and trade estimates.


1.1 This standard covers a classification for field requirements, office overhead, and profit for use in construction estimating. This classification is common to all forms of construction, and its components are an integral part of any construction cost estimate. The classification serves as a consistent reference for analysis, evaluation, and monitoring during the feasibility, planning, design, and construction phases of building. Used in conjunction with UNIFORMAT II and other elemental classifications, including Classification E2168, it also ensures consistency in the economic evaluation of construction work across time and from project to project. Through consistency in estimating and cost recording it enhances reporting at all stages in constructionfrom feasibility and planning through the preparation of working documents, construction, maintenance, rehabilitation, and disposaland is a necessary part of the reporting process described in Practice E1804.

1.2 This classification applies to all construction work.

1.3 This classification is not based on permanent physical elements of construction (as defined and classified in Classification E1557). Rather, the classification items are major, non-permanent, cost components common to all construction work. They perform the same function and provide for similar needs regardless of the design, specification, construction method, or materials used in the physical construction.

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