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ASTM C877M-02(2009)

ASTM C877M-02(2009)

Standard Specification for External Sealing Bands for Concrete Pipe, Manholes, and Precast Box Sections (Metric)

2017-01-31 /Historical
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This specification deals with the metric standard for three types of external sealing bands to be used in conjunction with concrete pipe, manholes, and precast box sections. The first type of bands shall be composed of rubber, mastic, and protective film elements, while the second type shall consist of a plastic film, reinforced, rubberized, asphalt, mastic coating with steel straps. The third type shall be composed of a backing band, an applied continuous butyl adhesive coating and an optional release element. All the elements of each type of sealing band shall have physical properties conforming with specified limits as determined through appropriate test methods herein provided.


1.1 This specification covers external sealing bands to be used in conjunction with concrete pipe as defined in Terminology C 822 and conforming to Specifications C 14M, C 76M, C 412M, C 478M, C 506M, C 507M, C 655M, C 985M, C 1417M, and C 1433M.

1.1.1 Type I, Rubber and Mastic Bands.

1.1.2 Type II, Plastic Film and Mesh Reinforced Mastic Bands.

1.1.3 Type III, Chemically Bonded Adhesive Butyl Bands.

1.2 This specification is the metric counterpart of Specification C 877.

Note 1—This specification covers only the design and material of the sealing bands. Sealing bands covered by this specification are adequate, when properly installed, for external hydrostatic pressures up to 90 kPa, (9.14 m) without leakage. The amount of infiltration or exfiltration flow in an installed pipeline is dependent upon many factors other than the sealing bands; allowable quantities and suitable testing of the installed pipeline and system must be covered by other specifications.

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