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ASTM E1421-99(2009)

ASTM E1421-99(2009)

Standard Practice for Describing and Measuring Performance of Fourier Transform Mid-Infrared (FT-MIR) Spectrometers: Level Zero and Level One Tests

2015-07-17 /Historical
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This practice permits an analyst to compare the general performance of an instrument on any given day with the prior performance of an instrument. This practice is not necessarily meant for comparison of different instruments with each other even if the instruments are of the same type and model. This practice is not meant for comparison of the performance of one instrument operated under differing conditions.


1.1 This practice describes two levels of tests to measure the performance of laboratory Fourier transform mid-infrared (FT-MIR) spectrometers equipped with a standard sample holder used for transmission measurements.

1.2 This practice is not directly applicable to Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectrometers equipped with various specialized sampling accessories such as flow cells or reflectance optics, nor to Fourier transform near-infrared (FT-NIR) spectrometers, nor to FT-IR spectrometers run in step scan mode.

1.2.1 If the specialized sampling accessory can be removed and replaced with a standard transmission sample holder, then this practice can be used. However, the user should recognize that the performance measured may not reflect that which is achieved when the specialized accessory is in use.

1.2.2 If the specialized sampling accessory cannot be removed, then it may be possible to employ a modified version of this practice to measure spectrometer performance. The user is referred to Guide E 1866 for a discussion of how these tests may be modified.

1.2.3 Spectrometer performance tests for FT-NIR spectrometers are described in Practice E 1944.

1.2.4 Performance tests for dispersive MIR instruments are described in Practice E 932.

1.2.5 For FT-IR spectrometers run in a step scan mode, variations on this practice and information provided by the instrument vendor should be used.

Fourier transform infrared; FT-IR; level one test; level zero test; performance test; spectrometers; Performance--spectrochemical equipment; FTIR analysis; Infrared spectrophotometry; Level one/zero; Level zero/one; Transform infrared spectrometer
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