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ASTM A854/A854M-08

ASTM A854/A854M-08

Standard Specification for Metallic-Coated Steel Smooth High-Tensile Fence and Trellis Wire

2013-04-08 /Historical
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This specification covers metallic-coated steel smooth high-tensile fence and trellis wire. Two types of coatings are covered; Type 1, which are zinc-coated, and Type II, which are zinc-5% aluminum mischmetal alloy coated. The material as represented by the test specimens shall meet specified tensile strength and elongation requirements. The test methods and definitions for tension test are presented. The material as represented by the test specimens shall not fracture when wrapped at a specified rate in a close helix of at least two turns around a cylindrical mandrel. The test methods and definitions for wrap test are presented. The test methods and definitions for coating adherence test are presented. The weight of metallic coating shall be determined accordingly. One test specimen shall be taken from each 10 000 lb [4540 kg] or fraction thereof. Test specimens shall be taken from either end of coil.


1.1 This specification covers 12 1/2-gage (0.099-in.) [2.5- mm] Class 3 metallic-coated steel wire suitable for use in parallelwire fence, trellis, and similar structures that are typically nonelectrified. Two types of coatings are covered, as follows:

1.1.1 Type 1Zinc-coated (galvanized), and

1.1.2 Type IIZinc-5 % aluminum mischmetal (Zn-5Al-MM) alloy coated.

1.2 This specification is applicable to orders in either inch-pound units (as A 854) or acceptable SI units (as A 854M). Inch-pound units and SI units are not necessarily equivalent.

fencing material; metallic-coated steel wire; steel wire<span class='unicode'>&#x2014;</span>high tensile; steel wire<span class='unicode'>&#x2014;</span>zinc-5 % aluminum alloy coated; steel wire<span class='unicode'>&#x2014;</span>zinc coated; zinc coatings<span class='unicode'>&#x2014;</span>steel wire products; zinc-5 % aluminum alloy coatings<span class='unicode'>&#x2014;</span>steel wire products; Fences/fencing materials--specifications; Galvanized materials/structures/surfaces--specifications; High-tensile fence wire; Metallic-coated steel wire--specifications; Mischmetal alloy-coated steel wire--specifications; Nonelectrified wire; Trellis wire; Zinc-coated steel wire--specifications
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