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ASTM A354-04

ASTM A354-04

Standard Specification for Quenched and Tempered Alloy Steel Bolts, Studs, and Other Externally Threaded Fasteners

2017-08-16 /Historical

1.1 This specification covers the chemical and mechanical requirements of quenched and tempered alloy steel bolts, studs, and other externally threaded fasteners 4 in. and under in diameter for application at normal atmospheric temperatures, where high strength is required and for limited application at elevated temperature (Note 1). Any alloy steel capable of meeting the minimum mechanical and chemical properties set forth in this specification may be used.

Note 1—For bolts, studs, or other externally threaded fasteners, to be used at elevated temperatures, refer to Specification A 193/A 193M.

1.2 Two levels of bolting strength are covered, designated Grades BC and BD. Selection will depend upon design and the stresses and service for which the product is to be used.

Note 2—Quenched and tempered alloy steel bolts for structural steel joints up through 1 1/2 in. in diameter are covered in Specification A 490. Alloy steel bolts, studs, and other externally threaded fasteners (that is, heavy hex-structural bolts over 1 1/2 in., hex bolts, anchor bolts, and countersunk bolts) exhibiting similar mechanical properties to bolts conforming to Specification A 490 shall be covered by Grade BD of this specification.

When bolts of Grade BD of this specification are considered for pretentioned applications in excess of 50 % of the bolt tensile strength, the additional requirements of head size, maximum tensile strength, nut size and strength, washer hardness, tests, and inspections contained in Specification A 490 should be carefully considered.

1.3 Nuts are covered in Specification A 563. Unless otherwise specified, the grade and style of nut for each grade of fastener shall be as follows:

Grade of Fastener and Surface FinishNut Grade and StyleA
BC, plain(or with a coating of insufficient thick-ness to require over-tapped nuts) C, heavy hex
BC, zinc-coated (or with a coating thickness re-quiring over-tapped nuts)DH, heavy hex
BD, all finishesDH, heavy hex
A Nuts of other grades and styles having specified proof load stresses (Specification A 563, Table 3) greater than the specified grade and style of nut are suitable.

1.4 The values stated in inch-pound units are to be regarded as the standard.

1.5 Terms used in this specification are defined in Terminology F 1789 unless otherwise defined herein.

alloy steel; bolts; steel; studs
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