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ASTM E757-80(1995)

ASTM E757-80(1995)

Test Method for Efficacy of Canine Reproduction Inhibitors (Withdrawn 2000)

2000-10-10 /Withdrawn
No replacement

1.1 This method covers the effectiveness of canine reproduction inhibitors. Any method for evaluating the use of a canine reproduction inhibitor should include recognition that the ultimate test for efficacy is whether it functions as an effective population control method under field conditions. While laboratory or pen test data are essential, final efficacy testing and determination must be accomplished under actual field condtions. No suitable standard laboratory test is available. The test method described here attempts to balance the need for and the feasibility of securing efficacy data.

1.2 This test method is intended for use primarily with monestrous members of the family Canidae. Because of great variation in reproductive physiology, (that is, delayed implantation in mustelids, delayed gestation in bats, uterine structural differences, estrous cycle variations, etc.) this method may not be readily applicable to other families and orders of mammals.

canine; reproductive inhibitors
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