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ASTM F1631-95

ASTM F1631-95

Standard Test Method for Impact Attenuation Properties of Body Padding and Protective Wear for the Sport of Fencing (Withdrawn 2003)

2003-12-17 /Withdrawn
No replacement

1.1 This test method covers a comparative measurement method for impact absorption properties for body padding and protective wear (apparel) for the sport of fencing. The apparel includes fencing mask bibs, underarm protectors or plastrons, padded vests, uniform jackets, knickers or trousers, gloves, and other protection worn to protect against impacts from the fencing weapon's tip (for example, touches) for foil, saber, or epee. The scope of this test method excludes measurement or performance for perforation resistance of the blade, whether in tact or broken.

Note 1-This is a simple test method to discriminate between qualities of different padding materials or systems under an impact that simulates the delivery of a fencing touch. It does not purport to measure quantitative impact energy absorption values at thrust sites. Until in-field data become available, this standard allows manufacturers to intercompare padding systems, fabrics, materials, or composites for protective fencing wear for integrity, robustness, and impact attenuation.

1.2 This standard does not purport to address all of the safety problems associated with fencing padding and will not prevent all injuries due to blades impacting fencers. It is the responsibility of the users of the protective padding to establish appropriate safety practices, including maintaining safe fencing distances and care and inspection of the protective wear as well as the blade. Specifically, this standard does not address degradation of the protective padding with use and laundering, or performance of the padding for puncture resistance by thrusts involving in-tact or broken blades. It should be recalled that the sport derives from duelling and is inherently not free of risk of injury or death .

Body padding; Epee (sword); Fencing (sports) equipment/applications; Foil (sword); Gloves; Impact attenuation; Impact testing;emsports equipment; Knickers; Padded vests; Padding materials/systems; Protective wear; Saber (sword); Trousers; Underarm protectors (plastrons); Uniform jackets; impact attenuation properties;embody padding/protective wear, for sport; of fencing, test,;<sfig id=00000000>Order Form</sfig>
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