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ASTM F1609-95

ASTM F1609-95

Standard Specification for Calcium Phosphate Coatings for Implantable Materials

2017-08-16 /Historical
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1.1 This specification covers the material requirements for calcium phosphate coatings for surgical implant applications.

1.2 In particulate and monolithic form, the calcium phosphate materials system has been well-characterized regarding biological response (1, 2) and laboratory characterization (2-4). Several publications (5-10) have documented the in vitro and in vivo properties of selected calcium phosphate coating systems.

1.3 This specification includes hydroxylapatite coatings, tricalcium phosphate coatings, or combinations thereof, with or without intentional minor additions (10% or less, as opposed to trace elements) of other ceramic or metallics, and applied by methods including, but not limited to, the following: ( ) mechanical capture, ( ) plasma spray deposition, ( ) dipping/sintering, ( ) electrophoretic deposition, ( ) porcelainizing, and ( ) sputtering.

1.4 Substrates may include smooth, porous, textured, and other implantable topographical forms.

1.5 This specification excludes organic coatings that may contain calcium and phosphate ionic species.

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