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ASTM F1470-02

ASTM F1470-02

Standard Guide for Fastener Sampling for Specified Mechanical Properties and Performance Inspection

2010-12-31 /Historical
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Sampling shall be selected in a random manner, ensuring that any unit in the lot has an equal chance of being chosen. Sampling should not be localized by selections being taken from the top of a container or from only one container of multicontainer lots.

The purchaser should be aware of the supplier’quality assurance system. This can be accomplished by auditing the supplier’ quality system, if qualified auditors are available, or by third-party assessment certification, such as provided by QS 9000, ASQ 9000, or ISO 9000.


1.1 This guide provides sampling methods for determining how many fasteners to include in a random sample in order to determine the acceptability or disposition of a given lot of fasteners.

1.2 This guide is for mechanical properties, physical properties, coating requirements, and other quality requirements specified in the standards of ASTM Committee F16. Dimensional and thread criteria sampling plans are the responsibility of ASME Committee B18.

1.3 This guide provides for two sampling plans: one designated the "detection process," as described in Terminology F 1789, and one designated the "prevention process," as described in Terminology F 1789.

detection systems; fasteners; inspection for mechanical properties; performance requirements; prevention systems; quality requirements; sampling plans; selection and size; statistical process control
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