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ASTM D2233-86(1997)

ASTM D2233-86(1997)

Standard Specification for Chlorinated Aromatic Hydrocarbons (Askarels) for Capacitors (Withdrawn 2003)

2003-11-04 /Withdrawn
No replacement

1.1 This specification covers synthetic nonflammable electrical insulating liquids of the chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbon type known as askarels, which are used as an electrical insulating and cooling medium in capacitors. This specification includes liquids that were previously available and are still in use in apparatus.

1.2 Insulation systems incorporating these askarels and cellulosic or other organic materials may, when arced, produce gaseous mixtures that are moderately flammable.

1.3 Askarels covered by this specification are of four types as follows:

1.3.1 Type A- Biphenyl that has been chlorinated to a content of 42 weight%.

1.3.2 Type B -Biphenyl that has been chlorinated to a chlorine content of 54 weight%.

1.3.3 Type C- A mixture of approximately 75% Type D2233 B and 25% trichlorobenzene.

1.3.4 Type D- The same as Type A, except that the higher boiling homologs have been removed to a maximum level of 0.4%.

Note 1-These statements are merely descriptions of the materials currently in common use and are not intended as part of this specification, which is based on the physical and chemical properties prescribed in Table 1. Note 2-Current governmental regulations prohibit the manufacture and sale of polychlorinated biphenyls (askarels). This method is being maintained for reference of those units that are still in service. Note 3-For information on PCB's in mineral oils, refer to Method D4059.
Electrical insulating liquids-askarels; askarels (chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons)-capacitors, spec
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