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ASTM C1075-93(1997)

ASTM C1075-93(1997)

Standard Practices for Sampling Uranium-Ore Concentrate

2017-08-16 /Historical
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1.1 These practices are intended to provide the nuclear industry with procedures for obtaining representative bulk samples from uranium-ore concentrates (UOC) (see Specification C967).

1.2 These practices also provide for obtaining a series of representative secondary samples from the original bulk sample for the determination of moisture and other test purposes, and for the preparation of pulverized analytical samples (see Test Methods C1022).

1.3 These practices consist of a number of alternative procedures for sampling and sample preparation which have been shown to be satisfactory through long experience in the nuclear industry. These procedures are described in the following order.

Stage Procedure Section Primary Sampling One-stage falling stream 4 Two-stage falling stream 5 Auger 6 Secondary Sampling Straight-path (reciprocating) 7 Rotating (Vezin) 8, 9 Sample Preparation 10 Concurrent-drying 11 to 13 Natural moisture 14 to 16 Calcination 17, 18 Sample Packaging 19 Wax sealing 20 Vacuum sealing 21

1.3.1 The primary and secondary sampling stages can be organized in the following way:

PRIMARY SAMPLING (sections 4 to 6) ------------------------------------
sampling; UOC; uranium ore; uranium-ore concentrate
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