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Barro Blanco Hydroelectric Power Plant Project

The purpose of the project is to build a Hydroelectric Power Plant, with a total installed capacity of 19.99 MW and a mean annual generation of 105.80 GWh, with the aim of making use of the capacity of the Tabasará river. The main objective of the power plant¿s construction is increasing the country¿s installed energy generation capacity by approximately 1.262%. The Project activity will be located between the boroughs of Bella Vista, Veladero and Cerro Viejo in the district of Tolé, within the province of Chiriquí, as well as the borough of Bakama in the regional district of Müna. The CDM project has a category 1: ¿Renewable source energy industries¿, and uses version 07 of the ACM0002 to calculate the emission reductions.

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